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Starrett Carpenter's Divider - 85A

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Starrett Measuring Tools
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Fine dividers of the 17th and 18th century were marked by their intricately hand-filed ornamentation, while the 19th and 20th century saw more minimal designs focused on accuracy. The Starrett 85A Carpenter's Divider is the premium divider of our time. By using this tool you are participating in the techniques of antiquity while celebrating modern achievements of manufacturing.

Contemporary dividers often meet the minimum functional requirements: sure, you can dial in a distance, and under ideal conditions and little stress, you can transfer that measurement just fine. Starrett has taken the maximalist approach with the 85A, making every design decision required for an extremely robust divider that dials with graceful precision, locks unflinchingly, and marks along metal or wood without a hint of deflection (even when faced with wayward grain flow or unfinished steel). No other dividers have a joint so dependable, or fine-adjustment action so agreeably smooth.

The 85A can span 12", though the legs can be adjusted for an appropriate reach, and either leg can be replaced with a pencil for use as a compass. The hardened points have a slight offset, so the tips will touch when fully closed for a zero measurement. The knob on the right arm is quick adjustment - unlock and slide along the wing - while the left-leg knob is micro adjustment with spring locking. In spite of its hardy construction, the 85A is surprisingly lightweight and handles deftly.

We have found no better tool to carry on the heritage of artisanal ratios, which is explored in-depth in the texts "By Hand and Eye" and "By Hound and Eye".

Made in Athol, Massachusetts, USA.

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