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Occidental Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

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Occidental Leather
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Occidental Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set - Black - Left handed (#9850LH) alt="Occidental Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set - Black - Left handed (#9850LH)"cancel Occidental Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set - Black - Left handed (#9850LH) ($296.64) In Stock
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There are several reasons to go with an adjustable belt system: waist sizes are notorious for changing over the years, the belt can be adjusted for multiple builders, and the belt can accommodate various layers of clothing across the seasons. There are myriad reasons to go with an Occidental.

Founded in 1980, Occidental Leather is a team of professional builders designing industry-standard tool bags. Their Oxylight series combines the benefits of modern materials with decades’ worth of professional know-how, resulting in a tool belt that is holds your tools just where you want them and is built to last several lifetimes.

The Oxylight system is built with industrial-grade nylon, which is highly resistant to abrasion as-is, and reinforced with leather at the corners. The belt padding is high-density neoprene, with extra meat at the hip areas where it counts. Leather tool holders keep your tools snug, and will pattern to form a custom fit over time.

The Adjust-to-Fit system has a locking adjustment mechanism, guaranteeing that there is no slippage once the size is set. The bags are built into the belt, and will not slip around at all. If you’re considering an Occidental suspension harness to take some weight off your hips, there are D-rings built into the belt already.

The FatLip system is distinguished by 10” deep nylon bags with leather-reinforced bottom, corners, and trim, making for an extremely durable combination while keeping a rigid opening for easy access to tools and fasteners. The left-side fastener bag has a pouch for drill bits, a large fastener bag, angle-square pocket, and a divided outside fastener bag, for all the hardware options. The side holders are built for nail sets, pliers, a cat’s paw, and 1” blade square.

The right-side tool bag has leather holders for drivers, chisels, marking implements, utility knife, and hammer, with ample room in the pouches for a tape, level, and job-specific tools. The bag includes a tool shield to safely hold one of your sharper chisels. A leather pouch with clasp closure is attached to the side, for securely holding a cell phone or Mp3 player. A 2-in-1 Tool and Hammer Holder hangs in the center of the belt, and there are 24 pockets and tool holders overall.

The Adjust-to-Fit FatLip system is one of Occidental’s most rugged, though it still weighs a modest 5.2 lbs. Made in the USA with American-made materials, the Adjust-to-Fit FatLip tool belt is a workhorse that will be passed down for generations.
Fits sizes from 32” waist (35” belt) to 41” waist (45” belt).

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