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Occidental Belt Components

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Occidental Leather
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 Small 29"-32" (#5035 SM) ($69.66) In Stock
 XXL 45"-49" (#5035 XXL) ($69.66) In Stock
 XXXL 50"-54" (#5035 XXXL) ($72.90) In Stock
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If you’re building on a tool belt you already own or would like to build up a rig from scratch, here are the components found in the framer sets, with some extras for customization. All are made in the USA of American-made materials.

3” Ranger Work Belt
The base for any good rig, the work belt is highest-quality 12-14 oz. bridle leather, with a 2” heavy leather tongue and nickel-plated steel buckle. Riveted and edge-stitched, the Ranger belt is rugged enough to handle the abuse of hard outdoor work. See the “Sizing” tab for a fit guide.

3 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag
Holds an angle square, 1” blade combination square, cat’s paw, driver bits, nail sets, and a whole lot of fasteners. Two large fastener pouches for hardware compartmentalization. 9 pockets and tool holders.

4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag
The 3 Pouch bag with an extra outer pouch, if a whole lot of fasteners isn’t quite enough. 10 pockets and tool holders.

2 Pouch Pro Tool Bag
Holds marking implements, chisel, torpedo level, hammer, and has a holster for up to 35’ tape measures. Leather tool holders keep tools snugly secure, and will conform to your tool kit over time. 10 pockets and tool holders.

3 Pouch Pro Tool Bag
The 2 Pouch bag with an extra outside pocket, for better compartmentalization or one more job-specific tool. 11 pockets and tool holders.

5-in-1 Tool Holder
Upgrade your claw hammer holder with four more tool pouches, for screwdriver, pliers, utility knife, and chisel. Includes a tool shield for sharp implements. Fits a 3” belt but works well as a standalone on any sturdy leather belt. Hammer hanger is 2.5” wide.

Drill Holster
Couldn’t pass on this one, mostly because built-in belt hangers on drills never cut it for us, but deep down it’s our inner cowboy getting riled up. Stitched with industrial-grade nylon, because drills are already heavy enough, with three leather bit holders mounted outside, for when you’re slinging fasteners. A switch-clasp keeps the safety strap secured, and makes your quick-draw even more dramatic. See the “Drill Holster” tab for recommended drill pairings.

Hammer Holder
Holds one hammer. The steel hardware is stitched and riveted between two layers of leather for comfort and durability. 9” x 4 5/8”, hammer hanger is 2.5” wide.

High Mount Large Tape Holder
Holds your tape measure right against the belt, with an excessively sturdy riveted construction. Fits up to a 3” belt, threads on (does not clip). Fits up to a 35’ tape.

Tool Shield
Keeps your chisels and knives from slicing up the inside of your tool bags, and ensures they won’t fall out and slice something else up. These tool shields clip neatly into Occidental bags, but at this price are worth having around for a universal blade guard.

 Size  Waist Size  Middle Notch  Overall Length 
 Small 29" to 32"34"41.5"
 Medium 33" to 35"37"44.5"
 Large 36" to 39"41"48.5"
 XLarge 40" to 44"45"52.5"
 XXLarge 45" to 49"49"57.5"
 XXXLarge 50" to 54"53"61.5"

Note: the "Middle Notch" measurement is from the end of the buckle to the fifth notch, allowing for 4" of adjustment on either side.

Recommended drills:

Bosch - PS20-02 18V 1/2" Drill Driver, 3318-2G 3/8" Drill Driver, 33614-26 14V 1/2" Drill Driver, 23612 Impactor Fastening Driver

Hitachi - WH12DAF2

Makita - 18V LXT Impact Driver, 18V Compact Impact Driver BTD 142HW, BTD 142HW, 18V Drill

Milwaukee - 18V Lithium BDT 140, 18V 1/2 Pack LXT Lithium

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