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Hock Spokeshave Kit

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Hock Tools | Irons and Cap Irons for Stanley Bench Planes
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Wooden spokeshaves have always been popular with woodworkers because the blade angle can be really low. The blade angle on this spokeshave kit is only twenty seven degrees - really low. That's the actual cutting edge because the blade has no bed underneath it. This allows you to easily cut end grain and more importantly in a shave, transition a cut all the way from face grain to end grain in a single sweep.

The kit includes all the parts you need, including a block of Jatoba which has already been precisely milled for the included iron. You get depth-adjuster set screws, brass thumb screws to secure the blade, too. You will have to install the blade, install the brass mouth plane, and then sculpt the handles of the shave to a comfortable fit for you. The cutting edge is: 2 3/4". Overall the shave is around 11" long. Made in the USA.
Customer Reviews:
By: Jeff B (Sep, 2022)
I have been struggling with a Stanley 151. This kit took little time or effort, most of it in sanding the wear plate/bottom flush and flat by hand. I shaped the handles to look pretty much like the photo, and added a roundover to the handle parts that make contact with my hands. Right out of the box, I'm making consistent, thin, lovely shavings that don't jam the throat of the shave (like the 151 always does). One of the better specialty purchases I've made. As an added bonus, if one has any questions (I did), Ron Hock himself will answer your email within hours.
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