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Spoon Carver's Scorp by Ray Iles

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
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Scorps, aka inshaves, are traditional hand tools that are made for hollowing work - for coopers, chairmakers, etc. We have carried Ray Iles’ scorp for years, and we are delighted to offer this smaller scorp as well. The Ray Iles Spoon and Bowl Carver’s Scorp is designed to rapidly hollow out the inside of a larger spoon or small shallow dish.

The scorp has a blade that is bent into a 3” diameter half circle. Made of 01 high carbon tool steel, the blade (approximately 4 ½” x 7/8”) is fitted, without ferrules, into 4 ½” long, oval profile, air dried beech handles. The shape of the handles makes them a comfortable fit in your hands and the lack of ferrules means that they will not scratch into your work.

The scorp is designed to be used with both hands, in a vertical position, both towards and away from the user and works best when used across the grain. The work must be firmly held down, preferably in a vice or bench holdfast. (Do not whittle with it with your knee!).

The scorp comes ground, but needs a final honing with a small slipstone or fine diamond file for best performance. Made in England.

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