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MoraKniv Sloyd Wood Carving Knife 120

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 MoraKniv Sloyd Wood Carving Knife 120 ($32.99) In Stock
The MoraKniv 120 Sloyd Knife is a versatile and ergonomically comfortable carving knife for wood carving, whittling and sloyd work. The knife’s 60mm long high carbon steel blade is a little shorter than that of the MoraKniv 106, which has an 80mm long blade. This may make the 120 more suitable for smaller hands or carvers intimidated by the longer knife.

The oiled birch wood handle is designed for comfort and quality of grip. The knife comes with a plastic sheath to protect the razor sharp edge from damage and to protect delicate fingers from the razor sharp edge.

Dimensions: Blade Thickness: 0.11'' (0.27 cm). Blade Length: 2.4'' (6.0 cm). Total Length: 6.5'' (16.5 cm). Net Weight: 2.4 oz. (69 g).

Note: the laminated blade version of this knife is currently unavailable. Made in Sweden.

"A classic sloyd knife...Its long, smooth blade came brutally sharp out of the box and is ideal for large, flat cuts; however, the fine point also lends itself well to minute details." - Woodcarving Illustrated, Summer 2023 issue

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