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8" Mike Abbott Drawknife by Ray Iles

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
Found in Departments: Spokeshaves and Drawknives
8" Mike Abbott Drawknife by Ray Iles8" Mike Abbott Drawknife by Ray Ilescancelleft arrowright arrow
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Mike Abbott, one of Britain’s leading proponents of green woodworking, designed this 8” drawknife - the best selling drawknife Ray Iles makes. It features flared handles, which are bent backwards slightly, meaning the handles are at approximately the same angle, whether you are using it back down, or canal down.

Made from 01 high carbon tool steel, individually oil hardened, and tempered to approximately 60 RC. The cigar shaped handles are made from air dried beech, treated with raw linseed oil, and finished with brass ferrules.

Made in UK.

Customer Reviews:
By: Lataxe Ludd (Nov, 2020)
This drawknife is made well but suffers from the usual modern drawback of having only a single sided bevel. It's improved if the flat side is given a slightly bellied curve, which enables a finer control of cut via alteration of the angle of attack of the edge on the bellied side.
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