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Cone Shaped Waterstone Slip Stones

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Cones shaped slipstones are used for sharpening the inside of larger-sized gouges. For carvers, these stones are a great complement to our smaller carving slips. For cabinetmakers, these slips are probably the only special stones you will need to hone the few straight gouges that are occasionally used in the course of regular casework. You will find that with the larger radius, it is easier to evenly hone the bevel. The stones are about 6" long and 2" wide at the big end, and 1/2" wide at the narrow end. The generous size also makes them easy to hold. Made in Japan.
Customer Reviews:
RK Cutters
By: Ken (Dec, 2016)
I bought this Stone from an old man who had died while his relatives were selling off his carving Kohl's. I never gave much thought to the stone and let it set for quite a while before trying it in the sharpening process. Wow what a difference this thing makes and there is nothing I have found that with a steady hand can put quite a perfect unblemished add-on even the most stubborn still tools. I won you will never regret it!
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