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Blackwing Long Point Sharpener Mk2 - Black

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As everyone remembers from grammar school as you get to the end of sharpening a pencil, just before the pencil is razor pointy, one false move and the point will break, getting stuck in the sharpener. The reason this happens is that if the sharpener is aggressive enough to do a decently fast job on the wood, it will be too aggressive on the fragile point, causing it to break.

The professional solution is a two stage long point sharpener. These pencil sharpeners from Blackwing (makers of incredible pencils) have two steps. First of all you stick your pencil in the first hole (intelligently labeled "1") and spin the pencil around shaving off just the wood. The sharpener bottoms out and stops cutting when enough lead has been exposed for the point. Then you switch to the second hole (again helpfully labeled "2") and spin the pencil around, taking a far finer cut which will result in a beautiful, long-lasting, long point ready to record you most precious thought, musings, measurements, and corrections.

Eventually, after much use you will notice that your pencil sharpener isn't cutting that that original verve. This can happen when the blades get dull. However close inspection will reveal two spare blades tucked into a cavity at the inside back of the sharpener.

Long Point Sharpener - black Two-step sharpener + pair of replacement blades. Pencils are not included.
Customer Reviews:
Long point sharpener
By: Jim carter (Nov, 2022)
I finally found a pencil sharpener that gives me sharp points with this. Not entirely sure about the plastic creased hinge on the lid but it hasnt broken yet
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