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MoraKniv Lightweight Camping & Carving Axe

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MoraKniv Lightweight Camping & Carving AxeMoraKniv Lightweight Camping & Carving Axecancelleft arrowright arrow
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 MoraKniv Lightweight Camping & Carving Axe - Khaki Green ($69.99) In Stock
 MoraKniv Lightweight Camping & Carving Axe - Blaze Orange ($69.99) In Stock
This compact, lightweight axe is made of boron steel with a black epoxy coating. It comes sharp - and retains its edge. It of course can be used as a very practical camping axe to chop kindling, but it also works well as a nimble carving axe. The axe feels good in the hand, and its light weight gives you the freedom to swing and chop precisely. The axe can handle chopping small logs, making feather sticks for kindling and removing wood for spoon carving. The ergonomic handle has a curved palm swell for a comfortable grip that really lets you leverage your strength in chopping. Weighing in at under 18 ounces, the axe is compact but mighty. The sturdy handle has a lanyard hole if you want to add a cord or wrist strap.

Blade Thickness: 0.24" (6 mm), Blade Length: 4.5" (115 mm), Total Length: 12.6" (320 mm), Net Weight: 17.6 oz. (0.5 kg).

Choice of Khaki Green or high visibility Blaze Orange handle. Made in Sweden.

“Best overall camping hatchet …The exceptionally sharp blade makes this hatchet a perfect tool for bushcraft projects - from building shelters to carving intricate designs into wood.”
"The Best Camping Hatchets of 2021,"

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