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FastCap GluBot

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  Glue and Adhesives
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- The GluBot Family

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16oz. GluBot alt="16oz. GluBot"cancel 16oz. GluBot ($9.99) In Stock
4oz. BabeBot alt="4oz. BabeBot"cancel 4oz. BabeBot ($7.32) In Stock
6oz. HighBot alt="6oz. HighBot"cancel 6oz. HighBot ($8.29) In Stock
GluBot Accessory Pack (5 Yorker Tips, 5 Blade Tips, 5 Red Caps and Lid set) alt="GluBot Accessory Pack (5 Yorker Tips, 5 Blade Tips, 5 Red Caps and Lid set)"cancel GluBot Accessory Pack (5 Yorker Tips, 5 Blade Tips, 5 Red Caps and Lid set) ($4.95) In Stock
BabeBot & HighBot Accessory Pack (5 Yorker Tips, 5 Blade Tips, 5 Red Caps and Lid set) alt="BabeBot & HighBot Accessory Pack (5 Yorker Tips, 5 Blade Tips, 5 Red Caps and Lid set)"cancel BabeBot & HighBot Accessory Pack (5 Yorker Tips, 5 Blade Tips, 5 Red Caps and Lid set) ($4.95) In Stock
Make your shop life easier and stop fighting your glue.

The 16 oz GluBot and its smaller siblings, the 6 oz HighBot and 4 oz BabeBot, simply make it easier to use glue. The easy-to-fill containers will distribute glue on your projects right where you need it.

The Bots don’t drip and they can dispense glue in both horizontal and vertical positions. Their spigots stay clean and open and shut easily. You’ll welcome the whole GluBot family into your workshop.

All three GluBots come with both a ribbon tip for applying a swath of glue and a "Yorker" tip for a applying a thin line of glue for precise application.

The large GluBot also includes a guide tip for centering a bead or ribbon of glue. The guide can be adjusted for thinner or thicker boards by soaking the guide in hot water.

Caps are tethered to the spout of each GluBot to prevent loss and can stick down on a spigot at the top of the GluBot so it doesn't get in the way.
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Do not last
By: Nick (Nov, 2022)
I wanted these to be good, but they need a revised design. Like some of the other reviews, I find them to be slow / difficult to dispense when the bottle is less than full. More problematically, if you use them with a thick wood glue (Elmer's Wood Glue Max), the viscosity of the glue requires enough squeezing force that the top of the bottle frequently pops off entirely while gluing, dumping glue on your workpiece. I purchased the 6oz and 16oz versions and tried using them for about a year. They are now headed for the trash.
I own this product.
Glue-bot glue bottles large and small
By: Bryant (Feb, 2022)
I have to say I'm not impressed with these. They seem to only work well when they are full. Once the bottle gets to just even 3/4 full the hand pressure needed to get the glue out gets laborious especially doing large glue ups. They are ok for small areas but other than that I think they are pretty useless. I am a full time furniture maker and use hand tools all day long and have great hand strength, so it's more of a design issue in my opinion. Don't waste your money.
I own this product.
love these glu-bots !!!
By: David (Mar, 2021)
Hello fellow woodworkers. I'm a full time furniture maker and I'd like to totally disagree with the previous negative review. These glue bottles are an ingenious design and work incredibly well. I've used them for years. Yes, they need to be periodically cleaned and when the tip gets clogged a round toothpick easily cleans it. I have the baby and the big bot and am looking forward to the 6 oz high bot as I think it will be the best of both worlds. Do not hesitate...get the high bot. You won't be disappointed.
I own this product.
By: manuel weiss (Feb, 2020)
glue bot: These are simple containers that should be a good idea. The hanging cap constantly dangles in the way and into the glue being dispensed. the two smaller gluebots came with no place to park the cap as your listing seems to indicate. Maybe the biggest container has one. The units have to be completely full to work at all.If even half full, you have to squeeze the reservoir so hard it quickly becomes fatiguing.Makes it useless unless you stop to refill. Having to use hot water to change the outflow is also a nuisance. It cools right away and has to be warmed again. No, they don't dispense very well when held horizontally. The glue is viscous enough that again, sustained hard finger pressure is necessary to get the glue out the tiny opening. Overall, a frustrating cumbersome invention. The glue dries of course, especially in the baby bot tip. Not using the device for a few days makes this plug more difficult to remove naturally. Cleaning it out requires a hypodermic needle. The tip has to be removed or else debris falls into the reservoir. Essentially you have to remove all the glue from it every day if you want it to work at all.
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