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Gramercy Tools Hand Cut Saw Handle Maker's Rasp

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Fine (approx. 25 tpi) alt="Fine (approx. 25 tpi)"cancel Fine (approx. 25 tpi) ($59.95) In Stock
Narrow (approx. 20 tpi) alt="Narrow (approx. 20 tpi)"cancel Narrow (approx. 20 tpi) ($55.95) In Stock New Style!
Coarse (approx. 11 tpi) alt="Coarse (approx. 11 tpi)"cancel Coarse (approx. 11 tpi) ($59.95) In Stock
Pair of Rasps - one each narrow and wide - fine alt="Pair of Rasps - one each narrow and wide - fine"cancel Pair of Rasps - one each narrow and wide - fine ($104.31) In Stock New Style!
This special rasp was suggested to us by Clark & Williams Planemakers. It’s a traditional tool for the specialized trade of saw handle making, although anybody working in a closed space will find this rasp useful.

It’s basically a 6" hand-cut cabinetmaker’s rasp with teeth on the half round side only and bent concave. The bend in the rasp allows you to easily shape the inside curves of a handle without hitting the opposite side of the handle opening.

We know this is a highly specialized tool, but it’s perfect for its tasks. We think it may find some application in shaping more general inside curves in other projects (not just saw or plane handles). And even if it only appeals to tool makers, we are happy to do our part and return this tool to availability after disappearing for a century.

For years we offered a 6” long 11/16" wide rasp in a choice or fine (25tpi) or coarse cut (11tpi). We’ve added a third choice, a fine cut in a narrower 3/8" width. All have a hand-cut random pattern, with a flat side smooth and edges safe. 6" long,

With USA-made wood handle. Made of surgical grade stainless steel for a tough, long life.
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Handle makers rasp
By: Mark Smith (Nov, 2022)
This rasp haxs facilitated my work rebuilding handsaws amd repairing handles that would otherwise be unusable. The curvature is perfect for handle shaping. I cannot imagine finding he same quality for the price elsewhere, and after using the coarse rasp, will definately be purchasing the fine. I wish I could post some pictures of the handles I’ve had prepped and waiting for this raps arrival. Keep up the great work, Gramercy Tools.
I own this product.
Amazing, quick work
By: Lee (Jul, 2021)
The handle maker's coarse rasp made very quick work of the interior curves on a saw handle. Suddenly you realize how helpful the curve and safe side of the rasp work together to make your work better and faster. Some say it's not coarse enough, and while I initially agreed, I quickly realized that if it was any more coarse I would not be having a good time with how much material that would potentially remove. It's just about perfect.
I own this product.
Perfect Curve
By: Peter Ellison (Feb, 2019)
This tools is designed perfectly for working the inside of a saw handle. It is hard to describe how well the curved tip just clears the rest of the handle so that you are not tearing up other parts of the handle. It works well on the outside and other general rasping tasks, but really shines on the inside work. The smooth back allows you to guide the tool into the perfect angle and not scratch up where you do not want.
I own this product.
Great tool!
By: Todd Larsen (Nov, 2017)
I bought this to help shape some saw handles and two Moxon vise wheels. It was very helpful on some of the odd geometry on both the handles and the wheels. It’s not super aggressive, but will get that final curve that you’re looking to achieve.
I own this product.
By: Ryan Cheney (Dec, 2016)
I've made a number of replacement saw totes with this and it is almost indispensable for that. Like another reviewer, my only wish is that it had a bit more curve to it, and that a more coarse option was available.
I own this product.
Useful tool for woodcarvers
By: Richard Hellman (Jun, 2015)
This is my second gramercy purchase and again am finding this rasp very handy. I carve a variety of animals working with woods like walnut, mahogany, and cherry. This rasp is excellent for rounding out the legs, back, neck and ears on medium (10"-15") sized animals or other figures that are a little too big for rifflers. If you carve this rasp is worth the price.
I own this product.
Handle Makers Rasp.
By: AJ Wilkison (Apr, 2015)
Just receive the Handle Rasp. Found the rasp dull pointed (stainless). I have a few steel hand cut rasps sharp to the touch. Used this rasp on a prototype pine project, in curved areas, with poor success in all curved areas. New card file used to clean several attempts with little success. Will try more work and see it it will remove wood of a different type. Great size, good handle and perfect curve. Maybe to fine cut for my use. Also like the shipping tube idea. Thanks, AJ.
I own this product.
By: Paul Crites (Dec, 2014)
One of the greatest tool investments I have made. Great finish and very comfortable to use.
I own this product.
Great tool....but...
By: Casey (Nov, 2013)
I recently received this rasp and am quite fond of it. It cuts great and leaves quite a good finish. I do, however, wish that it were a bit more curved and that an option with more coarse teeth were available. Also, a larger handle would be greatly appreciated. The one on the rasp is quite small and gets uncomfortable after extended use.
I own this product.
Who is Gramercy
By: Ja Alex (Oct, 2013)
Hello to you out in I-Net Tool Shopping Land. I received my Curved Rasp today along with a 16/10" rasp. Yes I shelled out the Bucks for them, my last rasps I purchased back in 1979.They were a lot cheaper then, and so was my wage as a apprentice boat builder. Well the years of use-abuse is quite long and all my hand tools are showing there age. I have to say ,I shopped around and picked Gramercy because of 3 factors. The first was price not wishing to spend a bundle, cause I don't have it, second was I bought Gramercy's Saw Vice replacing a older saw vise and wooden saw holders I've had with mixed views. Gramercy made a fantastic Tool I use weekly with a new found fondness for saw filling. The third reason was the material used in the manufacture of there rasps, Stainless should hold up better than carbon steel with my working environment. And the tube It comes in is such a great Idea. Check them out, Ill need a few more as soon as money allows.
I own this product.

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