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Gramercy Tools Spoonmaker's Drawknife

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Spoonmaker's Draw Knife alt="Spoonmaker's Draw Knife"cancel Spoonmaker's Draw Knife ($79.95) In Stock
Hardware Kit for attaching handles to the draw knife alt="Hardware Kit for attaching handles to the draw knife"cancel Hardware Kit for attaching handles to the draw knife ($27.95) In Stock
Spoonmaker's Draw Knife and Hardware Kit alt="Spoonmaker's Draw Knife and Hardware Kit"cancel Spoonmaker's Draw Knife and Hardware Kit ($102.51) In Stock
Drawknives are wonderful tools for removing wood quickly and accurately. With smaller projects such as spoons, the size of typical drawknives gets in the way. The Gramercy Tools Spoonmaker’s Drawknife is designed to avoid this problem. It has a very narrow front to back - only 9/16”. This gives you a remarkable ability to dip into and out of concave features of your work. The blade is only 2 1/8” long, which makes it easy to control. The circular handles, which are designed to be grasped between thumb and forefinger, give you the kind of accuracy you need with small work, and they won’t get in the way like large handles will. Unlike a traditional shave this shave works well in either direction - without the handles hitting your clamp, vise, or shavehorse. This is especially important with short work because you can easily shave in both directions without reclamping the work.

The Drawknife is made of 3/16” O1 steel for rigidity and authority in use. We do all the machining, hardening, and sharpening ourselves in our Brooklyn workshop to ensure quality. Our hardening process for O1 relies upon carefully timed and controlled heat, soak, and quench times to ensure a fine, long-lasting edge. We then grind and buff the cutting edge to razor sharp so you can use it immediately, right out of the box.

When you harden steel it typically warps a little. After hardening our drawknife usually has a very slight concavity on the bottom. This is intentional and it helps sharpening the tool.

Sometimes, when clearance, agility, and portability isn't an issue having traditional handles gives you more power. To cover that situation we also offer a hardware kit with two aluminum bolsters and all the hardware you need to make your own handles that can attached solidly to the drawknife. It's a fun kit that only needs a knife or chisel to rough shape a pair of handles, and you can finish up with the drawknife itself. Each handle is attached and detached from the draw knife with a single screw. For more information and instruction on making the handles please download the PDF listed on this page.

The historical inspiration for this tool goes back to a Saxon shave found in a circa 900 AD tomb. That shave was a regular shave that had been cut down for greater portability. The Gramercy shave takes the design in a new direction especially for small work and spoons.

Made entirely in our Brooklyn workshop. Patent pending.
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Very handy but watch your fingers
By: Brian (Aug, 2022)
This is a very handy tool that I break out whenever I need to make a handle for something. Just docking one star because it was not immediately obvious to me how it should be gripped. The first time I used it, it felt natural for me to put my thumbs or index fingers through the holes and pinch the outside of the grips. However, after finishing the cut, I released one of the grips and the blade swung down and cut my fingers. Now I know better, and at some point I will make some handles for it, but I think the design can be improved for newbies like me by replacing the circular grips with something that doesn't have a finger-sized hole in the middle.
I own this product.
By: Brad White (Aug, 2022)
This gem fills a niche, not just in my collection of drawknives, but in drawknives I use. Not just for spoon carving, though it is ideal, but other carvings in the round, whales for example. Fins, flukes, the chins, and faring all together, is a joy with this exquisite and authoritative tool. As a matter of comment and not criticism, I made a narrow horse butt strop just for this drawknife. The eyelets make hanging out of harms way easy but they take a bit of getting used to, just a matter of my large hands meeting this wonderful tool Wearing Kevlar carving gloves gives a better grip, though I do not need them for cut protection. I recommend this tool.
I own this product.
Spoonmaker’s drawknife
By: Michael (Mar, 2021)
Quality tool. Recently purchased to clean up tight areas around bills of decoys. Have looked for a small, high quality drawknife for years. Every decoy maker should own this tool, they won’t regret the purchase.
I own this product.
Spoonmaker's Drawknife
By: Todd Savaria (Jan, 2021)
Wow ! This thing is incredible. It comes ready to use and trust me, it is incredibly sharp. It is small and light and it worked way better than I was expecting. I used it initially to help sculpt the ends of the canoe paddles that I sculpt by hand. It worked exceptional for that. I've done some roughing of kitchen utensils with it also and it does a exceptional job doing that also. So, as you can tell I love this tool and highly, highly recommend it.
I own this product.
Nicely made!
By: Tyler (Dec, 2020)
This a small but serious tool that arrives razor sharp! It is actually smaller than I though, but it's a high quality tool. It is not for heavy carving but is great for small delicate tasks like spoons or detail cuts on smaller objects. I would like to see the engraving a little deeper, but this doesn't change the way the tool works, just the way it looks.
I own this product.

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