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Gramercy Tools 8" Hand Cut Fine Cutting Riffler Rasp

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Gramercy Tools 8" Hand Cut Fine Cutting Riffler RaspGramercy Tools 8" Hand Cut Fine Cutting Riffler Raspcancelleft arrowright arrow
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Riffler rasps are double ended so that you can switch between two useful rasp heads as you sculpt your project. Most traditional rifflers have heads and ends designed to compliment each other, but for precision work such as patternmaking. What we have done is ask our raspmaker to create a riffler rasp with both ends complementing their use for carvers, sculptors, spoon, and bowlmakers. We think this fine cutting 8" riffler will simplify the tools needed for shaping and smoothing your work, and because the rasps have hand cut teeth the rasp will cut fast and very smooth.The rasp heads are both about 2" long.

In order for a rasp to cut smoothly and easily, its teeth all have to be at the same height and spaced regularly but slightly randomly, so that each tooth contacting the wood cuts in a slightly different spot. Making a riffler rasp requires skill and lots of training to do it right. These hand-cut teeth mean that the Medium Riffler cuts fast and very smoothly. Gramercy Tools hand-cut rifflers are made to our specs in Pakistan (which has a long tradition of fine metalwork). The 8” Medium Gramercy Tools Riffler is designed to offer maximum functionality. Made by the same highly skilled metalworkers who make the 7” Small and 9” Large Riffler Sets, the Medium is sized to be nimble but still substantial, and it offers two very useful heads: a mini Spear and a gently rounded Brush. These heads do not appear in either of the Riffler Sets, so this riffler can complement the tools in those sets, while of course offer a standalone riffler for anyone who hesitated to get the sets of three.

Fine cutting (20 TPI). 8” overall length and head length of about 2“.

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