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The Gramercy Tools 9" Dovetail Saw

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Saw - sharp, set and ready to use, with instructions for sawing. ($340.00) Not available
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GT-DSAW9.XX Dovetail Saw Gramercy Dovetail Saw Dovetail Saw Gramercy Dovetail Saw 9" dovetail saw
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We did a lot of research before deciding on the specific design of the Gramercy Tools dovetail saw. We wanted a hand-filed and hand-set saw for the smoothest action, a fine toothed saw for fast, smooth cuts, and we wanted to file it rip so it would cut dovetails cleanly. And after considerable research and testing, it became apparent we also wanted a light saw and a canted blade (narrower at the toe than at the heel) for easy control that would enable you to work for hours without being hunched over the work.

We figured out that most modern saws, even ones sold as dovetail saws, were copied from antiques that were used for general work, not dovetailing, and that a real 18th century dovetail saw would make dovetailing much, much easier - even if you have never cut a dovetail by hand before. We found most of the modern higher-end saws are just too heavy, and the cost was in the wood, not in the proper hand setting and sharpening.

This saw has a 9" blade which is canted for ease of use. Near the handle the blade has a usable cutting depth of only 1.3", and at the toe it's 1.2". The handle is American Black Walnut. We needed a wood that would not warp over time and was light so that the handle doesn't influence the cut. We considered Beech, another very traditional handle wood too, but unless the beech is quarter sawn, it's not a stable enough for a handle and could bend over time. Walnut is a solid, light, stable wood that we also like because it's locally available, and not an exotic rain-forest wood. Heavier saws and heavier handles feel more solid in the hand, but the extra weight influences the cut and makes the saw harder to control, especially on slanted cuts. We like the look of some of the fancier woods (and people use almost everything for saw handles), but we felt that performance was paramount so we stuck with walnut.

The handle is small and light for a three finger grip and is cranked up so that you can work with a natural swing to your stroke, near to the work so that you can see what you are doing (no more crouching and squinting).

The 19ppi, blade is made of .018" thick 1095, a hard carbon tool steel of about 50-52rc. The thinner stock means a lighter saw and a narrower kerf - less material to remove means it's easier to use. The teeth are hammer set and hand-filed so that we could use an aggressive cut. With the hammer setting, we could get a crisp bend in the teeth without distorting the saw plate above it, which would interfere with the cutting action. There is about .003" of set on a side but it varies slightly depending on how aggressive the saw was filed. The rest of the specifications on the blade are: zero rake angle, and a very little bit of fleam introduced by hand-filing. The hand-filing also means you'll still have a very smooth action that is easy to start. We take the trouble of hand-filing because we think it makes a big difference.

We think the Gramercy Tools dovetail saw is a pretty saw with a lot of extra detailing that makes it something special, but its performance is what counts. We even added a decorative saw etch just for fun.

Instructions on using the saw are included.
Made in USA. .

The Gramercy Tools dovetail saw, just like all 18th century saws, uses split nuts to attach the blade to the handle. With variations in the weather it's not uncommon for a saw handle to loosen up over the seasons. A split nut driver was a standard toolbox tool in the last century and before for easy tightening of the saw. We're therefore offering a split nut driver with a 1/4" hex drive at a very nominal cost for use with our saw.

Your saw should stay sharp for many years, but at some point it might need sharpening. It is not hard to do but it takes practice. We recommend a long Swiss needle file for sharpening (see below for link). We also stock saw sets. However, this saw, because of its fine teeth, is not a good saw on which to learn. if you do not already have some expertise, we recommend that you first learn to sharpen larger-tooth saws. We also offer a saw sharpening service at a nominal charge for this saw.

Popular Woodworking Best New Tools 2007POPULAR WOODWORKING 2007 Best New Tools
"We've put this saw in the hands of several dozen woodworkers, and many report that the handle is more comfortable than any other they've used. Perhaps even more telling, we know several woodworkers who abandoned their Japanese saws in favor of the Gramercy - high praise indeed." - Popular Woodworking - November 2007

The Gramercy really is a thing of beauty, and works superbly well: its lack of weight and the super-slim grip certainly give the feeling of more control...this light, thin-bladed saw pips its dovetail rivals. (Five out of five stars.) - Good Woodworking Magazine

We have gotten a lot of wonderful comments from users. Here's one:
"Before receiving my Gramercy dovetail saw, I seem to remember thinking that it was not exactly cheap. After cutting several perfect kerfs with it right out of the box, I realized that it is a magical saw whose value is not to be reckoned in muggle money.
The design, execution, and the resulting performance of this saw is astonishing. I congratulate you and your accomplices heartily and even though I could go on for some time in this mode, I distinctly hear a dovetail saw calling.
"- J. Allen - Customer

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Believe the hype
By: Doug Fedoroff (Aug, 2023)
You guys did a great job designing and building this thing. It's perfect. My old dovetail saw, while very nice, is on tenon cheek duty from now on.
I own this product.
Diminutive Dovetail Dynamo
By: John S (Apr, 2022)
9" hmmm, maybe designed for an NYC studio apartment. I make furniture, not model airplanes. When I was looking for a dovetail saw, the Gramercy was sold out. I bought another premium dovetail saw. It's great. On a trip to NYC, I trundled down to Brooklyn to check out the "storefront." VERY glad I did. The saws were in stock. It looked like a toy next to its backsaw brethren. "That's cute." "Here, try it out" she said, handing me a chunk of oak. I tightened the wood into the bench vise. She handed me the saw. Fit. Balance. Perfect in my "R" hand. Light, but with targeted heft. The teeth are minute, a thin blade embedded in a thick brass spine. I gently pulled the blade along the rough oak to produce a thin, skip-free cut. The cut is clean, but surprisingly fast for such a fine saw. Having just dropped a lot on a saw, I lovingly set the tester down and bought the milk paint and book I had come for. Three weeks later, I was sawing dovetails with the premium dovetail saw. What had been comfortable felt a tad awkward, it skipped a bit, the kerfs were thick. Ah, that darn Gramercy! A week later, I broke down. I've cut more than 30 dovetails for drawers with the 9" Gramercy. I've never managed such clean, tight dovetails. I absolutely love this saw. It is a dream in 3/4" cherry. I can saw super close to the line with a cut that nearly looks pared. I can easily get 90 degrees. I can start the cut flat on the wood, no starting in the non-cutting stroke to get a kerf. No jumping. No missed lines. If you can't make it to Brooklyn, give it a shot. I understand that TFW has a generous return policy. After six months of dovetails, it'll probably take an axe to cleave me from this saw.
I own this product.
Worth It
By: Eric Weissman (Oct, 2021)
I found myself writing a doctoral dissertation about why I bought this saw. Long and boring. I tried a dovetail saw from another respected American tool maker; called Joel and discussed the Gramercy Tools dovetail saw and why I should try it at over twice the price of the saw I was fighting. He's right. The Gramercy is worth it. First shot out of the box: straight, square cuts at the line. I put a tight, clean two-tail, three pin test joint together with only light chisel correction of one tail cut. Cuts start easily where I want them and without a chiseled wall to align. Yes, the saw is worth it.
I own this product.
Awkward Saw
By: John Godfrey (Jan, 2021)
I had high hopes for this saw, unfortunately it left a bit to be desired. The handle is at an uncomfortable angle and it has a tight fit to the hand (not a good thing). While it cuts quickly it is also a really flimsy blade. Very difficult to use in extremely dense wood. I really want to love this saw but it's not happening for me. For the price I expect more
I own this product.
Great dovetail saw all around
By: Pat ODonnell (Apr, 2020)
I have many good quality hand saws that I use for dovetails and other detail work. Wanted something with more teeth for thinner material. I got the saw about a month ago and for dovetails it’s my go to saw for any thickness of material. I’ve been making sawdust for over 35 years take my word you won’t be disappointed.
I own this product.
By: Robin Moscato (Sep, 2016)
This is a beautiful saw, a pleasure to use and look at. Starts the cut better than any I've used and cuts smooth and fast. Got it just in time to cut the dovetails on a project I had laid out and as I get a feel for the saw I think it will get better over time. Beautiful handle, great for smaller hands. Always appreciate the fast shipping.
I own this product.
By: Jeffer Oliver (Dec, 2015)
I have been a strong component for the use of Japanese Dozuli saws, especially with very fine teeth, to cut dovetails for years. I have made the plung to purchase this, after going through a lot of Paul Sellers videos and realizing - I don't need to have a tool I can't maintain, or repair. This was a converting factor for me - whereas I had to relearn how to start a western saw again, it still does everything I purchased to do exceptionally!
I own this product.
A superior saw
By: Revel Woodard (Aug, 2014)
This saw was a revelation for me. It is an extremely well designed and built tool. This is the kind of tool that teaches the user. Using this saw for the first time was for me akin to playing guitar through a tube amp for the first time, or eating my first really steak. A saw is a saw is a saw and, a saw by any other name is still a saw. By the same token, just because it is called a saw does not a saw make. To me this saw is the pinnacle of the hand tool revival; this is not the idea of the thing, but the thing itself. At first I might have thought the handle was a bit small for my hand, but in time I came to appreciate the lighter touch that it encouraged. As with any hand sawing and especially with dovetailing, we should let the saw do the work. The guys at Grammercy Tools have certainly done their work, and it shows.
I own this product.
Perfection with a walnut handle...
By: Thomas Priest (Apr, 2013)
I have only had the saw for a few days now and already it's made life easier. This saw is everything it has been described as being and more. The hang is perfect and the filing is a terrific balance. The saw for me is the perfect size, it's small in comparison to some other brands and lighter too which at first may seem to be a negative but once in use you see how truly nice these features are- it starts smooth and stays on the line with very little effort. It has no more blade than it needs and that's what makes it such a joy to use- I really feel it makes me saw better and without the extra weight and depth of cut it keeps your cuts true. This is one of those tools you know you will be using the rest of your life and then someone else can carry it on. Thanks for your attention to detail and building a saw that is no more or no less than it needs to be- as I described to a friend it's perfection with a walnut handle. I highly recommend this saw for anyone, beginners to masters.
I own this product.
Cutting straight, true and effortlessly
By: Edward Wild (Mar, 2013)
I own this product.
The best dovetail saw.
By: Art Kieres (Mar, 2013)
I have dozens of handsaws (all very necessary of course...) and this is the one I pick up whenever I have small cuts to make. Cuts like butter and is very comfortable to use. If you're looking for a dovetail saw stop you're search, you've found it.
I own this product.

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