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Screwdrivers Sets by Grace USA

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Grace USA | Screwdrivers Made In USA
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 Set of 2 Phillips screwdrivers for installing small box hardware. P0,P1, in a Plastic pouch. ($13.95) In Stock
 Set of 6 for Cabinetmakers - slot #2,#4, #6 and Phillips P0,P1, & P2. In a plastic pouch ($47.95) In Stock
 Set of 3 Square Recess screwdrivers (Robertson) in a plastic wallet ($29.95) In Stock
A great screwdriver is a wonderful thing to use and these screwdrivers are made in the USA by Grace Mfg. and are the best we have ever seen. When you turn them in a screw head they will fit properly and not cam out and damage your screw or your work. The hardwood wooden handles feel good in the hand and not only absorb sweat, the wood is finished with stain and not some slippery enamel. The four flats on the sides of the handles will ensure that the screwdrivers won't roll off your bench. You won't find a better balanced screwdriver anywhere. We stock the appropriate sizes for cabinetry and woodworking, The largest 6 piece set contains the three small slotted screwdrivers and three small Phillips screwdrivers. The set of two Phillips is just numbers 0 and 1, which is perfect for small stuff like our Brusso box hardware. Actually the reason we stock the two set is because having the right screwdriver to install your Brusso hardware will make everything go far far faster and nicer and without stripping the brass screws. Finally we also stock a set of the square drive screwdrivers for Robertson screws. Packed in a plastic wallet. Made in the USA.
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By: Eden Forstner (Mar, 2021)
The handles smell nice and are far more comfortable than plastic or cellulose. The ferrule is smooth and attached firmly. The only thing I would change is to engrave the words on the handle instead of painting them.
I own this product.
Grace Screwdrivers
By: Mark Katrinak (Apr, 2019)
The Grace #0 screwdriver is a pleasure to use when installing box hinges. I love the handle's feel in the hand.
I own this product.

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