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FastCap Quad Trimmers

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FastCap Quad Trimmer with Carbon Steel Blade alt="FastCap Quad Trimmer with Carbon Steel Blade"cancel FastCap Quad Trimmer with Carbon Steel Blade ($28.56) In Stock
Replacement Carbon Steel Blade alt="Replacement Carbon Steel Blade"cancel Replacement Carbon Steel Blade ($14.31) In Stock
FastCap Pro Quad Trimmer with Tungsten/Alloy Blade alt="FastCap Pro Quad Trimmer with Tungsten/Alloy Blade"cancel FastCap Pro Quad Trimmer with Tungsten/Alloy Blade ($55.18) In Stock
Replacement Tungsten/Alloy Blade alt="Replacement Tungsten/Alloy Blade"cancel Replacement Tungsten/Alloy Blade ($35.61) In Stock
Trim edge banding quickly, easily and accurately with FastCap's Quad Trimmer. You’ll be able to trim both sides in just one pass -- or pull the trimmer apart if you want to trim one edge at a time.

The Quad Trimmer works by pneumatic action with no springs to get lost or broken. The Trimmer cuts in both directions and can cut material from 1/2" to 1-1/4" thick (or even greater thickness if used in the single-edge mode). The comfortable ergonomic design feels good in the hand.

The standard Quad Trimmer comes with 30 degree carbon steel blades, which hold a very sharp edge. The Pro Quad Trimmer comes with tungsten blades that will last ten times longer than the carbon steel. Both types of blades have four cutting edges, suitable for either a pushing or pulling motion. Replacement blades are available to get maximum use out of the Trimmer. The blades also fit FastCap Tri Trimmers.

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