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Bronze Mallets by Two Cherries

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Found in Departments: Carving Accessories
  Hammers and Mallets
  Two Cherries (Kirschen)
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 380 grams ($121.50) Sold Out
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 550 grams ($143.10) Sold Out
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 750 grams ($178.20) In Stock
Increase your power and control with these bronze mallets by Two Cherries. With the weight concentrated in the head, the bronze mallet requires less of a swing for the same force. In addition, the compact, heavy head concentrates the blow and the increased momentum transfers more weight to the carving tool and there is less "bounce back." The result is easier swing, more energy, which means less effort and more importantly less wear and tear on your wrists and arms.

The mallets are available in three sizes - 380 grams for fine detail work; 550 grams for most work; and 750 grams for really big projects.

All mallets come in keepsake velour pouches.

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