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Shaker Inspiration: Five Decades of Fine Craftsmanship

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Shaker Inspiration: Five Decades of Fine CraftsmanshipShaker Inspiration: Five Decades of Fine Craftsmanshipcancelleft arrowright arrow
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Historical Objects and Personal Work
by Christian Becksvoort

“This book is an instant treasure.”
- Nick Offerman, actor, author and woodworker

Shaker Inspiration distills Christian Becksvoort’s wisdom - his deep woodworking knowledge, of course, but also the business acumen that has helped him maintain a thriving one-man shop for over 50 years. The book also provides ample information about the clean, unadorned lines and superior craftsmanship of the Shaker tradition that has inspired Becksvoort’s woodworking practice.

Shaker Inspiration is intended to be both practical and visionary. The book examines all the areas of the craft that are needed to lead to success. This practical approach shows up in Becksvoort's woodworking tips, and also his insights into running a business -- how to market the business; how to establish relationships with customers, suppliers and subs; how to set up your shop; and more. And of course all these skills are needed for success. As Becksvoort himself says, “After more than five decades, I can do the woodworking almost in the dark. It’s the business end that’s a constant challenge, and it keeps me on my toes.” Becksvoort builds for the long haul: the idea is that his pieces will become heirlooms that sustain multiple generations of families. To build this way, Becksvoort had to become an expert in wood movement, and he aims to make you more knowledgeable too. He discusses other aspects of craftsmanship and design in the same way - explaining how all he achieved mastery and why it is important. What is unique about Becksvoort is how seriously he treats marketing, sales, and running a business -- as if these realms were just as essential to his success as a craft worker as is mastery of the craft itself.

The book also includes measured drawings for thirteen Becksvoort designs and seven Shaker reproduction pieces, along with photos of the original furniture pieces that provided the most “Shaker inspiration” to Becksvoort as a designer and furniture maker. These are not working drawings, but they include overall measurements intended to guide you should you wish to either copy of make a similar piece.

8.5” x 11”. Hardcover, with pages that are sewn and glued for durability and covered in cotton-covered boards. Full-color printed on heavy coated paper with a tear-resistant dust jacket . 166 pages. Produced and printed in the USA.

Pages: 166
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Arts Press

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