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Joined: A Bench Guide to Furniture Joinery

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Joined: A Bench Guide to Furniture JoineryJoined: A Bench Guide to Furniture Joinerycancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Joshua A. Klein

Joined: A Bench Guide to Furniture Joinery is a book that is designed to explain not only the “how” of woodworking, but also the “why”: why someone might one to create with wood or use hand tools or seek fulfillment via woodworking.

If you're familiar with the kind of cookbook that seeks to convey the magic of cooking, and also gives you real insight as to when you need to use precise measurements and when you can wing it, you'll get a sense of what Joined is striving for. Author Joshua Klein, the editor of Mortise & Tenon magazine, showcases the most commonly used joinery found in furniture, including dovetails, dadoes, mortise and tenons, and rabbets, and the skills and techniques can be adapted for any joinery project.

The book offers a step-by-step guide to understanding, laying out, and efficiently executing joinery, based on the methods used in making great furniture, illustrated by hundreds of beautifully clear photographs. The book’s wise companionship is furthered by explanations of choices the maker made, giving deeper insights into the joinery process. Joined includes chapters on the Square Mortise and Tenon; the Round Mortise and Tenon; the Through Dovetail; the Half-blind Dovetail; the Nailed Rabbet; and the Dado.

Joined’s printing makes the book even more practical as a guide and companion, with sewn binding that let’s the book lie flat on the workbench and room on the pages for notes (as you would a favorite cookbook, to take that analogy further). The book is beautifully illustrated, but it's not intended, as Joshua says, "for coffee tables, nightstands or armchairs. It's meant for the shop." 7”x 9.5”. 176 pages. Softcover. Smythe-sewn binding and matte-coated paper. Printed in the USA.

Pages: 176
Binding: Softcover

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