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Carpentry and Joinery Illustrated

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by Paul N. Hasluck

Finally back in print, Carpentry & Joinery, first published in 1907, is the bible of finish carpentry from a golden era of architectural woodworking. Every aspect of joinery is covered in this book, with more than 1800 engravings and twelve spectacular plates to illustrate the topics.

This incredibly comprehensive volume contains chapters on timber; joints; floors; partitions; windows; doors; moldings; tools and more. Each subject is explored, illustrated, and examined first in the simple case and then in fancier and fancier permutations. This is the best instruction ever written that explains the details of both simple and fancy late Victorian architectural woodworking. Whether you are a joiner, restorer, or architect, you will be amazed at the level of practical information, clarity of explanation, and continued utility of this book. Certain subjects which are commonly ignored such as the use of joiner's rods are covered in great detail along with detailed instructions for layout all the various constructions in the book.

Because this is such an important book we wanted an expert opinion to put the book in the context of its time. In a new introduction master housewright Roy Underhill compares the instruction in the book with a first hand account of an early 20th century joiner.

"We again have the voices of first rate masters at our sides." - Roy Underhill, from his Introduction

The original book contained 12 color plates which, sadly, we could not afford to reproduce in color. However we are making a PDF of the color plates available for download - see the ling below and with a sample of a few pages of the book.

Softcover 6 3/4" x 9 5/8" 567 pages plus 12 plates.

Pages: 567
Binding: TP
Publisher: BT&C Books

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