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  • Queen Cutlery - Classic folding knives

    Queen Cutlery of Titusville, Pennsylvania is one of the last makers of traditional folding knives in the US. Queen's knives are true classics: solid, superbly constructed knives that feels great in the hand and are a pleasure to use. They're favorites of collectors looking for the best production knives they can find.

    There are obvious features a knife needs in order to earn its place in your pocket. It needs to be small enough so it doesn't cut the pocket or make an unfashionable lump, and yet it needs to hold an edge and feel solid in the hand. We use our pocketknives every day and have found Queen's traditional patterns to be elegant and extremely functional.

    Naturally, we couldn't resist picking out a few for our catalogue. They all have brass liners and blades that have been subtly shaped and polished.