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Classic Three Bladed Whittling Knife With D2 Blades by Queen Cutlery

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Queen Cutlery  - Classic folding knives
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  Queen Cutlery - Classic folding knives
Classic Three Bladed Whittling Knife With D2 Blades by Queen CutleryClassic Three Bladed Whittling Knife With D2 Blades by Queen Cutlerycancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Leather Sheath for Whittling Knife with Snap Closure and Belt Holes ($12.95) In Stock
Queen Cutlery's Whittler is a classic three-bladed pattern for American style whittling, and a treat of construction. The handle shape has what's known among knife connoisseurs as a "swelled center" - it has a silhouette not unlike that of a Coke bottle) - while pair of back springs service the three D2 tool steel blades.

The smaller pen and coping blades open on one end, each bearing on a single spring. The main clip-point blade bears on both springs with a double wide tang. The center brass liner has been tapered - a subtle feature easily overlooked, yet indicative of expert cutlery. The result is a knife that for its size, weight, and number of blades, is incredibly sturdy. Anyone looking to do a bit of whittling would be hard-pressed to find a finer folding friend.

The blades are D2 steel which gives a real toughness and long edge retention to the blades. Shipped with a factory edge. Sharpen using diamond abrasives or water stones.

3-1/2" closed. The scales are made of aged honey amber stag bone. Made in USA

Quantities are extremely limited. We have one knife that is brand new but was affected by rain and shows some signs of rusting. Blink and you'll miss it - see the photos of the open blades.

Note: This knife fits into a small sized leather sheath available separately.

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