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Christmas Cheer


Christmas Cheer 4Last Saturday was SantaCon, and the streets of the city were filled with hordes of mostly young adults, dressed up in Santa clothing, bar-hopping. I suppose this is one way to prepare for the holiday season. Meanwhile, we here at TFWW were fielding two, make that three, types of customers: people buying woodworking-type gifts for their woodworking friends; cabinetmakers desperately getting supplies so that they could finish a job and deliver before the holiday; and finally those needing some tools for themselves so that they can make gifts for people.

For spoonmakers, we stock lots of carving tools. For people who need a simple yet impressive project, we stock Hock Kitchen Knife kits. And for the ones just starting that carved dresser to be finished in two weeks: well, we have no idea.

Christmas Cheer 5When you buy a tool for someone you are not only getting them a gift of something that they might not feel comfortable on buying for themselves, you are giving practical, put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is encouragement for what for most hobbyists is a fun, but challenging (and often solitary) hobby. So many of our customers are thrilled when someone actually gets them a tool they like and need.

For the people making presents, I say the best part of making a present for someone is that you are giving someone the most precious gift a modern person can give: The Gift of Time. You are saying to someone, I value you enough to spend my spare time on making something I hope you will like. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be complicated. Home-made gifts are always important.
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12/16/2015 Ken De Witt
Having grown up in Bushwick Brooklyn in the 40's and 50's I cannot tell you how much this all brings back to me as a senior.
Am as everyone else surprised I cannot afford to move back.
Thank you for so many great posts.
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