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Blog Entry or Filler - You Decide!


Blog Entry or Filler - You Decide! 1
Sure, at first glance this might look like a blog post. But a closer look might reveal that I don't really have a blog post this week. I was hoping to, but then I didn't have a topic I really wanted to write about until yesterday and then I just ran out of time. I’m writing notes for a class I'm teaching on joinery and I was hoping to do the “professional” thing of getting multiple uses from my work. No surprise - there’s more work to do than I thought. And it started out as one entry, now it's a three parter. So this will have to wait - perhaps next week? Try me again in a couple of days.

I have truly believed for years that leisure is the mother of invention and lately I don’t have the gift of idle, random thoughts flitting through my mind. No breezes here! (Though I am very much looking forward to the ceremonial opening of the big garage door in the front of our showroom as the weather gets warmer. Those are some great breezes.) I find it much easier to write a blog post when I feel that mental leisure.

The upside is we have a lot of cool things going on. Our new Haas machining center just arrived, and getting it set up is a big and exciting task. I’m learning a lot.

We also received a big Ashley Iles shipment, with more to come. We’re carrying Osmo now, and are in the process of expanding the selection. And the new Festool 2018 tools are here. I’m most excited about the Connectors for the Domino DF 500 - we use and love the Connectors for the Domino XL and have been waiting for these new ones - and the Granat Net sandpaper. We’re revving up for the Festool Fest on Saturday, April 21st. The Festool Roadshow isn’t coming to our area for the foreseeable future, but we can do our part to bring Festool demos, Festool knowledge and Festool swag to Brooklyn. And ideally we’ll bring some freshly baked cookies to the party as well. If you are in the area you should definitely come. I love these open events because I get a chance to put names to faces.

On the subway on the way to work each day I’m in the middle of reading Gary Rogowski’s new book “HANDMADE Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction” and I'm liking it a lot. More on the book another time. We don’t stock “HANDMADE” right now but we will - I just need to order copies. Another thing to add to the list of possibilities. Spring is finally coming, I need a long vacation but maybe I can grab a nap. Hopefully I will get a chance to write something or finish what I'm writing for next week.

The picture above is our new machine arriving a week and a half ago - we've been running around ever since. It's now installed and starting today ready to rock!
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04/05/2018 Rand
Your blog about cheaply made vs quality clamps was good. I ran right out and bought some Bessey clamps. Following on this theme Rikon and Jet both make 12” jointer planet combo machines that are almost identical. The Rikon however is $1000 less expensive. Why?
I have no idea. I know very little about stationary power tools (unless they are over a 150 years old) It could be anything from the quality of the bearings, casting, ease of alignment, warranty, - I have no idea. I would suggest finding out the differences might be material - or not. You might be paying a premium for the brand - or not. I just don't know.
04/06/2018 Mark Jenkins
Whatcha gonna do with the Haas?
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