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Whiteside Plus Dimar Combination (ATB-R) Table Saw Blades

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Whiteside Router Bits
Found in Departments: Table Saw Blades
  Whiteside Router Bits
Whiteside Plus Dimar Combination (ATB-R) Table Saw BladesWhiteside Plus Dimar Combination (ATB-R) Table Saw Bladescancelleft arrowright arrow
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 10" Combination Blade ($78.66) In Stock
The combination of Alternate Top Bevel and Raker (ATB-R) tooth pattern tooth patterns make this blade great for cutting a wide range of materials, including softwood, hardwood, plywood, and particle board.

The large gullet at the raker tooth, along with the 15° hook angle, provides easy feeding for ripping style cuts, while the close grouping of the other four ATB teeth produces a lighter chip load for crosscutting and finish work. The blade offers a great combination of versatility and efficiency.

Diameter: 10"
Tooth Count: 50
Bore: 5/8"
Kerf: 0.134"
Hook Angle: 15 degrees
Tooth Geometry: COMB ATB-R
Material: Hardwood, plywood, particle board
Maximum RPM: 7600
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