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Diamond Paste (Water Based)

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Norton Sharpening Stones and Wheels
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 1/4 Micron - 5 gm. ($29.90) Sold Out
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 1/2 Micron - 5 gm. ($33.90) Sold Out
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 15 Micron - 5 gm. ($46.03) In Stock
 45 Micron - 5 gm. ($49.92) In Stock
There has been a lot of buzz these days about sharpening with diamond paste. It's about as fast a method as there is to sharpen. You squeeze a tiny amount of paste on a substrate. Then sharpen normally. MDF and flat maple boards are both popular choices for substrates. I've used scrap mat board because it was handy. The speed of the diamond paste is amazing, especially for the harder blade alloys like A2 that are becoming more and more popular. As your sharpen with paste, some paste gets embedded in the substrate and cuts for a long, long time. When I first tried the sharpening with the most commonly available paste, it came with a special lubricating oil that I found irritated my skin and stained my bench. After some testing, we decided to stock the water based pastes, which are a lot more user friendly. These water based pastes clean up with a quick water rinse.
Diamond paste cuts a lot more aggressively then other abrasive materials, so you don't need a whole series of grits to get a perfect polished edge. The coarse 45 micron paste will make short work of any edge or back that needs serious work. The 15 micron paste is a good interim grit for chasing the burr, and the .5 micron paste is for the final touches and a perfect polish. A lot of people are using the .5 micron paste as a strop treatment. For those wanting to go even finer, we also offer the .25 micron paste. The 45, 15 and .5 micron grits are available as a set.
Note: Each size grit is packaged in large 5 gram syringes.
Customer Reviews:
Violin maker- Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
By: Clay Carmichael (Mar, 2017)
Love this product.last year I purchased the 15 micron to give it a try. I have an old horizontal wet sharpener that I purchased from Woodcraft a few years ago and found it messy to use and didn't leave my tools -what I would call sharp. I re-rigged my wet wheel by removing the old stone and made several 5/8' thick Mdf disc's the same dimension of the old stone . I then used the 15 Micron paste on one of the home made mdf disc's. I can't tell you how sharp my tools are now and quick.I Look forward to sharpening now. I will purchase the 45 Micron for removing nicks and the 1/2 Micron for a finer finish but the 15 Micron works great and leaves a mirror finish.Give it a try you won't be disappointed.
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