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Blackwing Limited Edition Woody Guthrie Pencil and Notebook

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Blackwing Limited Edition Woody Guthrie Pencil and NotebookBlackwing Limited Edition Woody Guthrie Pencil and Notebookcancelleft arrowright arrow
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Blackwing Limited Edition Woody Guthrie Pencil and Notebook - This Land Is Your Land - By Woody Guthrieplay video

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Box of 1 dozen Blackwing Woody Guthrie Pencils alt="Box of 1 dozen Blackwing Woody Guthrie Pencils"cancel Box of 1 dozen Blackwing Woody Guthrie Pencils ($27.95) In Stock
Woody Guthrie Notebook alt="Woody Guthrie Notebook"cancel Woody Guthrie Notebook ($11.95) In Stock
Blackwing, the makers of some of the finest pencils in the world, periodically releases special editions commemorating a noteworthy event or a particular person. While we normally don't stock these limited editions, this one honoring Woody Guthrie caught our eyes. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of folk music, you can probably sing along with Woody’s most famous song, “This Land is Your Land.” It's a song which shows us America at its best: people all over the country from California to the New York island living together in one beautiful nation.

Honoring Woody Guthrie, the Blackwing 223 pencil features a long highway rambling down its side. The pencil, sold in a box of one dozen, has a balanced graphite formulation well suited to both writing and sketching - perfect for travel notes on the “ribbon of highway” or any other pencil use. The matte black ferrule and earth-toned eraser are also intended as a tribute to Woody’s celebration of the earth and many miles Woody traveled.

Accompanying the pencil is a notebook to commemorate the stories and songs that Woody wrote during his years on the road. We don't travel much (especially these days) but this elegant notebook is perfect for jotting down project notes; a bound book is much nicer than having loose papers all over the place.

The Limited Edition 223 Collection Composition Book is an A5 (5-7/8 x 8-1/4) composition book with 160 pages of high-quality, 80 GSM paper. Each book is sewn-bound and finished with a cardstock cover inspired by one of Woody Guthrie's personal composition books. Everything from a travel diary to shop notes will seem more special in the book.

Limited edition while supplies last.
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