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I Saw New York T-Shirt

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Gramercy Tools takes pride in having been (and continuing to be!!) a New York business for nearly 15 years. Every day we are awed by the creativity and quality of the woodworking projects in and around the Big Apple. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Merchant Museum; from the basement studio to the jobsite, New York is packed to the gills with world-class woodworking and woodworkers.

Tim's 19th century style illustration of the Gramercy Dovetail saw is a retro twist on Milton Glaser's classic I love NY design, and a tribute to those who hold New York and woodworking close to their hearts.

Designed and printed in Brooklyn, on an American Made cotton T-shirt.

Duncan Phyfe saw New York, and so should you!!!
Customer Reviews:
By: Thomas Priest (Apr, 2013)
I know a t-shirt doesn't really need a review but I wanted to say how great this shirt really is...the print is perfect and so is the fit. Being an American Apparel shirt it will last a very long time and just keep getting softer- I have quite a few of their shirts over ten years old and they just keep getting more comfortable and the printing seems to stay on them way better than most shirts. I always order one size larger than I need, wash it once and it shrinks then stays put. Great job guys can't wait for some more Gramercy and TFWW shirts!!
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