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Pate Works Knockdown Shave Horse Hardware Kit

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 Pate Works Knockdown Shave Horse Hardware Kit ($69.99) In Stock
MS-SHAVEHARD.XX shave horse shavehorse shave hardware horse hardware pate amy pate Amy spoon pateworks pate works
Here is a small kit of the hardware needed to build a knockdown shave horse. The shave horse has been a traditional tool used for sitting down and clamping your work for millennia. Your work will be clamped quickly and securely. Historically shave horses have been used in many applications such as chair making, spoon carving, and coopering.

Pate of Pate Works teaches a class at our Brooklyn showroom in building a sturdy yet collapsible shave horse -- perfect for apartments and small shops. In response to demand from folks who can’t make it in person for the class, they are offering hardware and plans to enable other woodworkers to build their own knockdown shave horses.

The Knockdown Shave Horse is also the subject of Pate's Popular Woodworking Magazine article (February 2019 issue). The kit includes plans for the shave horse and the hardware Pate uses in the class.

When you are all done you will be ready to tackle spoon carving, chairmaking, and a host of other traditional crafts.

Kit includes:
  • Full plans
  • 9 1/4-20 2” bolts (one extra)
  • 8 1/4” washers
  • 9 1/4-20, .781” long threaded inserts (one extra)
  • 8 1 1/2” Phillips pan head screws
  • 2 butt hinges, 2” long
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Rife with errors, cheap hardware
By: Karl (Feb, 2023)
Really disappointing. The hardware is just typical big box store stuff, which is fine I guess. But the real issue is the number of ridiculous oversights in the plans. There are probably 4 or so actual numeric errors where one step disagrees with the next. In the end I managed to build a functional shave horse, but if I’m paying a premium I expect somebody to at least proofread the plans. I love TFWW but this product should be fixed or removed.
I own this product.
By: Frank Quaratiello (Jan, 2023)
Just finished assembly - sturdy, strong and functional
I own this product.

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