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Whiteside Multiside, Tongue and Groove, & Biscuit Router Bits

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Whiteside Router Bits
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Whiteside Multiside, Tongue and Groove, & Biscuit Router BitsWhiteside Multiside, Tongue and Groove, & Biscuit Router Bitscancelleft arrowright arrow
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Biscuit Joining Kits - 1/2" Shank
ShankWS Part
1/4"5/32" slotting cutter with B3, B14, B15 bearings for #20, #10, #0 size biscuits. Hex wrench included.#1940 ($38.67) In Stock
1/2"#1945 ($38.67) In Stock
Tongue and Groove Kits - 1/2" Shank
Material. Thk.Lg. Diam.Tongue WidthBearingWS Part
1/2"-13/16"1-5/8"9/32"B5#3375 ($66.63) In Stock
Replacement Parts: Groover - 3375G, Arbor - A260
Multi Side Bits - 1/2" Shank
# of SidesStock (max)Lg. Diam.WS Part
6 or 127/8"1-7/8"#3506 ($55.93) In Stock
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Whiteside glue joint router bits make constructing good looking, permanent connections, between two or more pieces of wood a piece of cake.

Multiside bits cut a birds-mouth shaped recess at the perfect angle for constructing 6 or 12 sided polygons. Carbide tips stay sharp, so you can make barrels, planters, and buckets till the cows come home. Check out the "Multiside Set-up" tab for instructions.

Biscuit Joinery kits come with a 5/32" slotting cutter, allen key and appropriate bearings for cutting slots for #0, #10, and #20 size biscuits. The cutter is machined from a solid piece of steel, with carbide tips.

Tongue and Groove bits cut both the male and female portions of the eponymous joinery with a single bit. Adjust the height of the carbide tipped cutter to switch between male and female. The bearing insures everything will fit together so you wont be left holding your tongue.

Setting up a Multiside bit is as simple as adjusting the height of the cutter. For your convenience Whiteside's instructions on the use of multiside router bits:

On six sided objects, the exterior side is cut face up on a router table. Twelve and sixteen sided objects are cut face down. The same bit (#3506) is used for both.

Either Flush or Ribbed (outside corners protruding) construction is possible. Ribbed construction is recommended with 12 sides because the interior leg of the notch will be very small when made flush. Outside corners on ribbed construction can be cut or sanded down for flush appearance if desired.

Location of the inside corner of the notch (i.e.- vertical bit adjustment) is important for final finish appearance. The outside leg of the notch (closest to the exterior) should be the same length as the stock thickness for flush construction. This will put the inside corner of the notch in the center of the stave on six sided flush projects. The inside corner will be below center (furtherest from exterior side) on all others. Allow extra stock to experiment and set corner height asdesired.

For 6 sided objects move notch towards exterior side (raise the bit) to increase rib size (amount of outside corner protruding). Move notch away from exterior side (lower the bit) to decrease amount of rib.

For 12 sided objects bit adjustment is reversed since those staves are cut face down.

Simply put, joinery bits help you attach one piece of lumber to another with repeatable precision.

Slotting cutters consist of a cutter, and arbor available with or without provisions for a bearing. They can be used to cut rabbets, a tongue and groove, or the slot for a biscuit.

Dovetail Cutters are spec’d by angle and diameter as measured at the widest part of the bit. You can use these cutters in a standard router or with your dovetailing system. Bits are available for Incra, OmniJig, and Leigh among others. Check the Product spec table for compatibility.

Glue Joint router bits, and sets cut joinery that is ready to glue into place. Variations include tongue and groove, lock miters, and multiside bits to name a few. For ease of assembly these bits take the cake.

Multiside bits are used to create 6 or 12 sided polygons with a simple birds mouth joint.

Tongue and Groove bits add simple sturdy construction to nearly any project. Some styles of bit cut both sides of the joint, others as a pair of matched bits.

Rabbeting bits are typically used for creating a shoulder along the length of a board. In terms of strength, a rabbeted joint beats a butt joint, bacon to biscuits, and speaking of biscuits...

Biscuit bits are designed to cut the slot for lenticuliar floating tenons, or biscuts. Because of the small size of the tenon, and the simple set up of the router, biscuits are great for projects that simply need a bit of extra strength, or a cup of get-up-and-go.

Mortises are typically cut with an up cutting spiral fluted straight bit Also of interest to the mortise minded is the Whiteside Corner chisel, used for squaring the sides of a routered mortise

For over 30 years Whiteside Machine Company has manufactured best quality router-bits and we are proud to offer an exceptionally wide selection of their catalog. Combine them with your Festool router, or router table and you have a professional quality solution not only for shaping, but for joinery, grooving, copying templates, and even making the kid a custom set of wooden train tracks.

Flag waving aside, the real reason to purchase a Whiteside router-bit is because the hands down top quality of their product. Their router bits feature innovations such as concave ground cutting edges, who's sole purpose is to improve product quality, not simplify a production process, or shave a few cents per bit in manufacturing cost. Whiteside is a company who would rather build their own proprietary machinery, than settle for what's available, and with over 200 years of collective experience in their grinding room alone, they have the chops to pull it off. What that means for your woodworking is not having to worry about endlessly sanding out machine marks. It means not having to worry that a pre-maturely dull bit will tear out the grain. It means you can push your bit through the wood with the confidence of knowing that the folks who made your router bit cared as much about their product, as you care about yours.

Whiteside Machine is a family owned and operated business based in Claremont, North Carolina.

Fine Wood Working had this to say about Whiteside in their May June 2007 Router-bit review: "At the end of the day, the Whiteside and the Eagle bits had risen to the top of the mix, tying for the highest score. Lee Valley had the second-highest score, followed by Southeast and Woodtek in a tie for third. By the way, Whiteside also had the best bit when we reviewed straight bits in our August 1999 issue (FWW #137). We named the Eagle and Whiteside bits best overall. And, since the Whiteside had one of the lowest prices of the top bits, we also named it best value."

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