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Polishing compounds - set of 4

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This set of 4 polishing compounds contains the classic rouges used for various polishing operations Use them alone for touch-ups, or in succession to bring up a high lustre on just about any metal project. This method is excellent for brass hardware.

The set contains:
  • Emery Cake - This a fast cutting material that is used for heavy tarnish, carbon buildup, even light rust removal.
  • Tripoli Brown Rouge - An initial step if the severity of emery is not required, Use it for finishing Aluminum, White Metal, Zinc, Copper, Wood, Rubber and plastic.
  • White Rouge - Suited for buffing Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron and Chrome.
  • Red Rouge - The finest rouge of all used on precious metals and softer metals such as nickel and Pewter.
Their typical use is on a powered wheel with a loose sewn buff, but you can also work the rouges by hand with a strip of cloth and some elbow grease. We have kept a set in the shop for decades, and it pretty much covers our polishing needs. Be sure to keep a separate buff or cloth for each compound and don�t cross-contaminate. Any residual compound on a polished piece can usually be dispatched with some concentrated dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Peskier bits can be unstuck with a bit of acetone and a cotton swab.

Note: These compounds are for general polishing purposes and are not used for honing tools. Click here for a compound designed specifically for hand stropping and sharpening tools . Click here for a compound designed specifically for power stropping tools

Each bar is 4 ounces. Made in USA.

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