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Zona Layout and General Purpose Knife

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Found in Departments: Marking Knives and Awls
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 Knife and blade ($9.95) In Stock
 #11 (pointed for layout) blades - pack of 5 ($5.95) In Stock
 #10 (rounded) blades - pack of 5 ($6.45) In Stock
We sell a whole range of marking and layout tools, a style for every taste and pocketbook. This knife is what I was trained to use and I still like it a whole lot. Zona is the company that used to produce knives for Xacto (prior to Xacto's move to China), and their knife has a lot of nice features, as you would expect with this past. It's constructed from 100% aluminum, and its extra-rigid handle has a rubber coating for both comfort and grip. The knife stem is an anti-roll hexagon, and its blade release mechanism is located to the rear of the handle for improved safety. The blade is double beveled so that is can work either right-handed or lefty, and comes either rounded (No. 10) or pointy enough to get into deep joints for marking out (No. 11). Some critics say the blade isn't stiff enough, but I personally like the springiness. It makes me feel confident that I am holding the knife against my guide properly. The blades are replaceable, so you can always have a razor sharp layout knife on hand - you just have to remember where you keep the spare blades (in the top drawer of my bench on the left, all the way in the back). Made in USA.

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