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Flexcut Scraper Set

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The Flexcut scraper set is made for smoothing rough surfaces, removing machine marks and paint, or cleaning up glue squeeze out. The set of 6 interchangeable blades and the comfortable wooden handle are useful for carvings, and detailed work. When smoothing shapes from convex, to concave, rounded to angular, and especially inside corners, this set doesn't just scrape by, it nails it.

Scrapers work well in many of the same situations as sandpaper, but scrapers have a few attributes that make them quite useful. First off, scrapers offer a very controlled method of smoothing a surface or removing a dab of glue, and they are good at maintaining the integrity of edges and profiles, that might get rounded off or scratched up with sandpaper. This is especially helpful in corners when cleaning up glue drips. Like sandpaper, scrapers tend not to tear-out figured or difficult wood grain, but scrapers don't clog or generate dust like sanding does.

Flexcut's Scraper Set include 6 blades in a vinyl storage pouch. The comfortable wooden handle included with the set also fits Flexcut's line of interchangeable carving tools.

The Flexcut Scraper Set is Made in Pennsylvania, USA.

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Best thing since canned beer.
By: Jeff Polaski (Oct, 2018)
This set is fantastic with small stuff, like carvings. I can avoid sanding dust and keep reading the grain. A small handled burnishing tool comes in handy and the whole set fits neatly into a Crystal Light drink plastic case with a lid. Remember, scrapers need properly burnished edges.
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