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DMT Dia Fold HardCoat

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DMT - Diamond Sharpening Equipment
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 Fine / Extra-Fine ($53.99) In Stock
DMT DiaFold HardCoat double sided sharpeners are a pocket sized folding sharpener made specifically for ceramic blades. Diamond is the hardest, toughest abrasive known, but when sharpening abrasive materials such as ceramic, the bond between the diamond abrasive and the steel surface of the sharpener can be worn away. DMT's proprietary HardCoat process creates a more abrasion resistant bond between the diamond abrasive and the steel surface of the sharpener. DMT has used this same technology on their DiaFlat precision flattening plates for several years, and has now adapted the technology into a sharpener specifically for ceramic knives.

The DiaFold sharpener is one of DMT's best selling products of all time. The addition of a HardCoat variation is the answer for those with a kitchen full of white blades. If you only occasionally need to sharpen ceramic knives, the HardCoat might not be worth the price premium. Currently the HardCoat Diafold is available in Fine/Extra-Fine grit-pair that works well for sharpening up a dulled edges. For edge repair you will want to use a coarser grit regular DiaFold.

Dimensions: Abrasive surface measures 4 3/8" by 7/8" by 1/4" with a 5" long handle. Folded dimensions are 5" by 1 1/4" by 7/16"

DMT DiaFold Sharpeners are Made in the USA

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