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Gramercy Tools Croakies

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- Mossy Oak Breakup Croakies in their natural habitat

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Croakies are a shop essential here at Gramercy Tools, so when the box of custom printed Gramercy Croakies arrived in the mail we thought we had died and gone to heaven.

We use Croakies to keep our safety glasses hanging around while we squint at our layout, or take a breather from production. We’ve always felt that making safety easy, is one of the best ways to ensure folks maintain good habits, and Croakies fit the bill in that regard. They’re not the only game in town, but Croakies are our pick for a trio of reasons: First off, Croakies are made in the USA. Second, they aren’t very long (16”), which is important in a busy shop environment, because it means needn’t worry about your glasses retainer getting caught on a machine. Thirdly, Croakies have been worn in outer space - no joke!

Our custom printed Croakies are printed with “GRAMERCY TOOLS” in metallic gold ink. The price of gold being what it is these days, our Croakies practically pay for themselves. The printing is subtle, but persuasive enough that your fellow fine tool enthusiast will drool with jealousy.

Everyone has a favorite color - The production crew in the Gramercy shop immediately and unanimously decided on camo. Joel was born with his glasses already firmly in place. Tim thinks Croakies are geeky (editor’s note: they’re not), but as Gramercy’s designer in chief, he should (and does) look sharper than the rest of us, and I’m pretty sure he snuck off with a pair in black anyway.

Croakies are made in Bozeman, Montana USA.

Geeky factoid: The typeface printed on our Croakies first appeared on our canvas Kings County Hammer bags. The letter forms are filled with section lining (diagonal hatching) typically used to represent metal or cast iron in mechanical drawings.
Regular Croakies measure ¾” Wide by approx. 16” long and fit up to about 5/16” wide eyeglass temples.
Croakies XL measure measure 1” Wide by aprox 16” long and fit eyglass temples between wider than about ¼”.

Said another way, thin frames will likely work with either, but larger, chunky frames ( such as the Ray-ban Wayfarer) will require an XL, but don’t sweat it too much. Thanks to the magic s-t-r-e-t-c-h of neoprene there’s a wide margin of error.

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