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Odorless Mineral Spirits by Real Milk Paint

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Real Milk Paint Co.
Found in Departments: Oils, Varnishes and Lacquers
  Real Milk Paint Co.
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 1 Gallon ($29.99) In Stock
Here’s a great alternative to smelly, headache-inducing paint thinners: Real Milk Paint Odorless Mineral Spirits. Use these high-grade, highly filtered petroleum-based mineral spirits to thin tung oil and other penetrating oil-based wood finishes; to thin paint; to remove old paint, varnish or finish; to degrease machinery or other metal parts; to clean brushes; and to remove sticky oil residues. You’ll be impressed by the absence of the overpowering smell you’ve come to expect.

Odorless Mineral Spirits are benzene-free and formulated to dry residue-free. A great choice if you are sensitive to chemical odors.

Note: Odorless Mineral Spirits are not meant for use with water-based or latex paints nor should they be mixed with sealants such as lacquer or shellac.

Real Milk Paint strongly recommends Citrus Solvent, Half & Half or Dark Half, not Odorless Mineral Spirits, for any surfaces that will have food contact.

Available in gallon size only.

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