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Sharpening Service for Gramercy Tools Backsaws

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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  Hand Saws
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 9" Gramercy Dovetail Saw (rip) ($34.95) In Stock
 12" Gramercy Carcase Saw (rip or xcut) ($39.95) In Stock
 14" Gramercy Sash Saw ($39.95) In Stock
 16" BT&C Hardware Store Saw ($39.95) In Stock
Your Gramercy Tools saw blade is made out of 1095 steel. It should stay sharp for a long time. However eventually it will need sharpening. We can understand if you hesitate to do this job yourself and we are happy to provide this service. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the saw to us (see address below). We will sharpen and set the teeth as appropriate to bring the saw into proper cutting specification. We will oil and repackage the saw. Turnover time should be about 3-5 weeks after we get the saw.

We will not: Remove rust marks, re-tooth the saw to replace broken teeth, remove kinks in the blade. We do not assume responsibility for the saw until we receive it, so pack it securely and at the very least get delivery confirmation so you can see that it has arrived. We are not responsible for saws lost in transit to us.

We reserve the right to return any saw that we don't feel able to re-sharpen completely. If we cannot sharpen your saw we will not charge you.

Please send your saw to:
Saw Department
Tools for Working Wood
112 26th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Make sure you include your name, address and phone number. If you have already created an order for the saw mention the order number. Otherwise we will call you when we get the saw for payment information.

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