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Festool Vlies Sanding Pads

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  Festool Vlies Sandpaper
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Code: FS-VI.XX
 Vlies sanding pads - 100 Grit - 25 ($45.00) In Stock
Vlies sanding pads - 320 Grit - 30 pads ($45.00) Not available
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 Vlies sanding pads - 800 Grit - 30 pads ($45.00) In Stock
Vlies is a very flexible material that won't clog and will conform to whatever surface you are finishing. The range makes it possible for heavy duty material removal through final polishing.

The pads are all 4-1/2" x 6" and come in an easy- to-tear-apart-but-not-lose accordion pack.

Vlies is a bit more aggressive than many woven non-abrasive pads, and many fans find that they last longer as well.

The Vlies box works well as a storage - dispenser as well.

Available in 4 grits.

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