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Woodcarver's Screw

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Found in Departments: Two Cherries (Kirschen)
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This Two Cherries Woodcarver’s Screw is an exceptionally well made woodcarver's screw designed to hold projects to the bench top so that the carver has free access to the work from all sides.

Size: 175 (6-7/8") x 10 mm (3/8") and 10 mm (2-3/4") handle width.

Made in Germany.
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Nice too
By: Jim Lompe (Oct, 2018)
I have used this Carver's Screw on several carvings. I haven't had much of a problem with it coming loose, even with mallet work. As with any Screw-type device, you can't over tighten it in softer woods as it could strip out. I did notice that the little square in the handle is tapered inside, so it needs to be used with that in mind. I have used it work pine, basswood, tupelo, and mahogany. It worked fine for me.
I own this product.
fairly useless carving screw
By: S Marks (Jun, 2014)
This good-looking tool just doesn't function well. First off, the wood screw threaded portion is too short. After screwing it into the workpiece, a couple of good whacks with the mallet loosens it so the carving is no longer held tightly. Actually, it could just fall off. The square cut-out on the handle for driving the screw looks cool, but in actual usage it stripped fairly quickly.
I own this product.

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