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Brusso Ball Catches

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Code: BR-BC.XX
 BrassStainless Steel
BC-263 - Small 1/4" diam,
  ($17.51) In Stock  ($29.67) In Stock
BCS-275 - Stainless - Large 7/16" diam.
   ($37.64) In Stock
Ball catches are also known as bullet catches, and they hold a door securely closed with a reassuring, classy click sound. The catch is a spring-loaded, stainless steel ball that usually installed in the stile of a door frame. The detent is installed in the door, with the groove in the detent perpendicular to the travel of the catch. When you close the door, the ball rides over the detent and then catches in the groove with a satisfying click, holding the door tight. It's a perfect catch for desk fronts and small cabinets. The key to installing them correctly is getting them inset to the correct depth. They should stand a little proud, so test them before gluing the parts in. If you drill too deep, don't worry -- just put in a shim in the bottom of the drilled hole, so when you glue in the catch, it will be at the right depth with no danger of being installed too deeply. The catches are nearly invisible when installed. Machined from solid brass with stainless steel balls. The sizes shown are the drill diameter for the catch. Sold individually.

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