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Behlen Jet Spray Lacquer Toner

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Behlen Wood Finishing Products
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 B101-0813 - Natural ($8.45) In Stock(MSDS)
 B101-F826 - Flat Black ($8.45) In Stock(MSDS)
Jet Spray Lacquer Toners consist of pigment dissolved in nitrocellulose lacquer and are extremely resistant to color fade from sun exposure. They are great for blending spot repairs to pieces whose original finish is lacquer-based. The spray will dissolve and blend with the original finish. Jet Sprays are also popular for quick staining and finishing on small projects.

We have a small selection of colors from what was once a choice of over a a dozen shades. Behlen was taken over by another company so this product has been discontinued.

Note: Nitrocellulose lacquer in its liquid state is toxic. Read the MSDS sheets and wear appropriate masks and gloves.
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By: Dario (Feb, 2021)
I own this product.
Antique Furniture Refinishing
By: Carol (Mar, 2017)
I had such a difficult time matching finishing colors until I was lucky to find Behlen jet sprays. I am now very confident that I can match customer expectations with brilliant finishing. Thank You Behlen
I own this product.
Piano finisher
By: SAM JANG (Apr, 2015)
I am a piano refinish man. I like Behlen jet spray.
I own this product.

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