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Joiner's Work

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by Peter Follansbee

”Forget what you think about 17th century New England furniture. It’s neither dark nor boring. Instead, it’s a riot of geometric carvings and bright colors -- all built upon simple constructions that use rabbets, nails and mortise-and-tenon joints.” -- Peter Follansbee, Joiner’s Work

Peter Follansbee’s “Joiners Work” springs off “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree,” the classic Peter wrote with the late Jennie Alexander, and his extensive accomplishments as a woodworker.

Peter remains fascinated by the techniques of early American woodworkers. You’ll find exceptional insights into greenwoodworking - once again going from tree/log to furniture. The furniture involved - chests, boxes, bookstand and more - is beautiful in an austere and inspirational way. His philosophy is practical, encouraging, flexible and uplifting.

The book, lavishly illustrated with photographs, is clearly the work of a masterly and engaging teacher. You’ll feel smarter after reading this book -- and more capable of making good use of your wood.

Hardcover, and printed in the usual high-quality Lost Arts manner that will enable you to treasure the book for generations. 246 pages. Printed in the USA.

Pages: 264
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Arts Press

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