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Cut & Dried

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by Richard Jones

Most books on timber technology are written by timber technologists for wood scientist colleagues, or students of the topic. They're consequently a difficult read for the general reader, something probably true of most woodworkers, myself included..."In creating my manuscript I took pains to try and make some difficult science accessible and useful to all woodworkers; carpenters, joiners, furniture makers and so on." -- Richard Jones

If you're a woodworker, you probably are curious about the material you're using. Cut & Dried explores every aspect of the tree and its wood, from how it grows to how it is then cut, dried and delivered to your workshop. It can help you understand challenges you might be experiencing with your wood and potential solutions to your problems.

Some highlights:

  • How wood stock is dried determines whether it will end up in your furniture or in a fireplace. Drying defects can crop up at any stage and can ruin a board (or an entire tree). Learn to identify the problems, to test your theories and avoid bad timber.
  • Learn how to identify spores, fungi and other and prevent them from ruining your entire stock of lumber.
  • Get a better understanding of the stress wood can take and from what direction so that you can use the right piece of wood in an assembly.

Cut & Dried provides enough technical information to keep a wood nerd happy for years, but is written to be accessible to woodworkers who are seeking just enough knowledge to elevate their craft.

Hard cover. 336 pages. 9" x 12" with pages that are sewn and casebound for durability. The text is printed on heavy #80 matte coated paper for accurate color. The book has heavy hardcover boards that are wrapped in a grey cotton cloth and stamped with a die from a hand-printed woodcut.

Pages: 336
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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