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Complete Guide to Soap Carving: Tips, Tools & Techniques

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Complete Guide to Soap Carving: Tips, Tools & TechniquesComplete Guide to Soap Carving: Tips, Tools & Techniquescancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Janet Bolyard

Soap carving is a great way to practice carving skills in a fun, safe and unintimidating way. All you need is some soap, some basic tools and an encouraging guide - like this book.

The tools you’ll use are gouges, chisels, V tools and detail knives fashioned from popsicle sticks. The medium is an inexpensive bar of soap (caterers might also think of the artistic work they could do with some butter). But the techniques in Complete Guide to Soap Carving are the real deal: the book’s 26 step-by-step projects utilize a range of carving techniques, including relief, carving in the round, caricature, and chip carving.

Soap carving can be delightful on its own or the gateway to carving in wood and other media. The book is a comprehensive guide to help get you started.

"Janet Bolyard . . . has done much to promote soap carving amongst the younger crowd" - The Carver’s Companion

"What a great book! . . . It has inspired me to get a bar and start carving away" - Vernon DePauw

Pages: 160
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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