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The Handcrafted Life of Dick Proenneke

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by Monroe Robinson

"It is interesting to think and plan what one can do with nothing but a few tools." - Dick Proenneke

Dick Proenneke was the star of a PBS show, “Alone in the Wilderness,” which showed Dick’s life in the Alaskan wilderness, where he built a cabin and fashioned most of the objects he needed for survival. Dick filmed his adventures, which appealed to nature lovers and viewers who fantasized about quitting the rat race (Dick was a retiree at age 50) and building a new, peaceful and self-sufficient life on the shore of a pristine lake.

The Handcrafted Life of Dick Proenneke, written by Monroe Robinson, the caretaker of Dick Proenneke’s cabin, examines this adventure and especially Dick’s tools and handcrafted objects. The book weaves together hundreds of beautifully reproduced vintage photos, excerpts from decades of Dick’s transcribed journals, plus new drawings, images and Monroe’s commentary to paint a portrait of a man fully engaged in life and the natural world around him, capable of making an astonishing array of objects from almost nothing.

Hardcover. 8-1/2” x 11. 456 pages. Printed in full color on coated #80 matte paper. Like all Lost Art Press books, "The Handcrafted Life of Dick Proenneke" is produced and printed in the United States.

Pages: 456
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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