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Diary of an Early American Boy - Hardcover Edition

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Diary of an Early American Boy - Hardcover EditionDiary of an Early American Boy - Hardcover Editioncancelleft arrowright arrow
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Noah Blake 1805
by Eric Sloane

In Hardcover!!!!

"Diary of an Early American Boy,” part of Eric Sloane’s classic trilogy, is both the diary of Noah Blake, a teenager in 1805, and a re-creation of the life that a youngster in his circumstances would have lived. This loving tribute to a vanished way of life. Illustrated profusely with Eric Sloane's superb pen-and-ink drawings, will give its readers a sense of participation in the past that is all too rare in conventional histories. If you are interested in social history and craft, this book is a must.

Part of the book’s appeal is the narrative. Sloane takes the barebones story of an actual diary from 1805 then uses it for context and brings details and context into the story. On some levels it can be considered a young adult read, but the presentation and information is as adult as you could wish for.

Hardcover. 108 pages, 8 1/2" x 11".

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