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Woodturning Wizardry

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Revised Edition
by David Springett

With a lathe, simple hand tools, and basic woodturning skills, you can make wild and magical projects like interlocking spheres, a captive cube in a sphere, spike star in a cube, lattice-lidded boxes, Chinese rings and a lidded box in a sphere. There�s even an arrow through a bottle that reminded me a bit of Steve Martin�s old head-in-a-vise joke. Author David Springett is a professional woodturner who specialized in lace bobbins before becoming increasingly attracted to more "experimental," improbable and adventurous work. The book includes advice on wood selection, setting out the work, turning the basic shapes, and all the equipment you�ll need, much of which you can make yourself. The first edition of Woodturning Wizardry was a best-seller, and this revised edition has full-color photographs, throughout and stunning new 3D illustrations to show cutaway views of the work in progress. Softcover. 8 1/2" x 11". 192 pages.

"Whoever reads Woodturning Wizardry must, of necessity, absorb a wealth of valuable advice on woods, chucks, making tools and accoutrements to mention but a few, and all imparted with such a thoroughness - he seems to forget nothing! The reader who embarks on the actual projects is sure of unending pleasure for years to come� The book is a genuine original an well worthy of its place on every turner�s shelf." - Bill Jones

Pages: 191
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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