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The Intelligent Hand

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by David Binnington Savage

“There are some of you who know that something is missing. Something creative, some way to spend your day working, physically exercising your body and your mind. Thinking and revising what you are making, as the consequence of the quality of your thoughts. This is intelligent making; this is The Intelligent Hand….This then is written for you. This is to help, encourage and support a decision to leave a world where thought and work are separated. This is for the brave souls who need to plough a contrarian furrow, where intelligence and making exist together, and you are in control of your life. Don’t be scared but don’t expect it to be dull or easy. But a life well lived never is dull or easy.” -- David Binnington Savage, The Intelligent Hand

Some books are hard to classify, but perhaps that same quality - the straddling of different disciplines - ensures that these books resonate with diverse readers.

The Intelligent Hand offers beginning woodworkers can get insights into the craft, while more experienced woodworkers can gain design ideas. Professional woodworkers can get very practical tips about running a business and a woodshop at the highest level.

And all readers can gain a sense of the author, David Binnington Savage, as a craftsman and human being. The book is filled with beautiful photos and drawings of David’s pieces from his long career as a furniture maker, woodworking artist and founder of Rowden Atelier, a British furniture design school and workshop.

Hardcover. 304 pages, 8-1/2” x 11” and printed on #80 matte coated paper. The hard covers are covered in a cotton cloth and then wrapped in a #100 beefy dustjacket. The pages are sewn together for long life. Produced and printed in the USA.

Pages: 304
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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