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Making Traditional Wooden Planes

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The Astragal Press
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by John M. Whelan

John Whelan unlocks the fascinating secrets of an almost lost art: wooden planemaking. For those curious about the ingenious ways of the craft, this book lays out clear, step-by-step instructions that will enable any woodworker to make a plane. Each chapter (covering 20 different types of planes and spokeshaves) is fully illustrated by the author's line drawings. In addition, there are chapters on the history and alternative methods of planemaking, making plane irons, and the tuning and using of wooden planes. Every chapter that details the construction of a particular plane starts with a photograph of the plane that has been made by the author.

As you would expect from Mr. Whelan, this book is the finest and most complete work on the making of wooden planes in print. The reader will enjoy it even if he never puts blade to wood. Should he make a plane or two, he will find Making Traditional Wooden Planes most satisfying.

128 pages. Fully illustrated. 81/2" x 11". Soft cover.

A classic reference work in its field...thoroughly researched and well written and illustrated. (RAG)
The author is an expert...nobody does it better. Whelan has achieved a rare mixture of skills. He combines a serious academic and historical background with the practical experience of having made all these planes himself. And on top of that he writes and draws with clarity and confidence. (The Woodworker)
This book is excellent...with directions that were easy to follow and accurate. Certainly the book I'd recommend to anyone wanting to build their own plane. (Woodenboat)

Pages: 128
Binding: TP
Publisher: Astragal Press
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